How many preset vehicle heights can be configured?

Level Ride Air Suspension (LRAS) includes a 5’ 5” Touchscreen Bluetooth Controller that allows you to save 3 preset vehicle heights. Presets can be activated by Touch or Voice Activation.

Preset Heights include:

1. Low – (Setting 1) Typically set below ‘Ride’ height for easy of Loading / Unloading
2. Ride – (Setting 2) The height that you will typically drive your vehicle at
3. Lift – (Setting 3) Typically set 40-50mm/1.5-2” above your ride height to increase mobility and clear driving obstacles

(Please refer to the image below).

The 4th option you can see alongside the Preset Heights is the Voice Activation option which you can toggle ON and OFF. When the icon is highlighted in Yellow, it the app will monitor for the command “Okay Level Ride” and then ask you which preset vehicle height you would like to switch to.

Level Ride Presets